Tasker Tankard 2019- 2020

  ECF  100 - 119

Play five games before 31st December and play in the Plummer Knight as well.

This tournament is still open to new entrants who are either:

a) graded 100 - 119 ECF or

b) have completed 50% of their Denman Cup games before 31st December. 

There will be a maximum of 12 players.

Please play a minimum of two games by 31st December to complete by 30th April.

(Unless you join in January of course - meaning you're already on the fast-track.)

Anyone not playing any games by 31st December will be withdrawn to make way for others.

All competitors are required to:

  •  be members of the club and the ECF.

  •  make the necessary efforts to contact their opponents.

  •  play every other competitor in the tournament.

  •  have played all their games by 30th April 2020.

See Tournaments tab above for time controls and how to contact your opponents.