Juniors and tuition

We are not currently running a Junior Club.

Because of space limitations and the potential for noise issues, regrettably we are having to restrict the attendance of juniors to those aged 15 and over. An exception will be made for under 15s who have an over-the-board rating *. 

(15s and over may join without a rating. )


Junior Membership of the club is £30 per annum for those who qualify (as above).


For younger players wanting to learn or improve there is the Brighton Chess and Lego Club and Sussex Junior Chess.

For private tuition for juniors and adults please contact Luke Rutherford at luke1nf3@gmail.com

The Studio is not a large room so please could everyone observe quiet conditions, particularly when important games are in progress. The acoustic curtain will be drawn on match nights but please be aware that noise still penetrates. 

* an over the board rating means ECF or FIDE or other national rating at any level, but not an online rating.

A Sussex Junior Chess Grand Prix Tournament 2016