3. Google Account 

If you haven't already got one you need to open a free Google account - the author invitation will help you do this. Respond to the invitation email and enter your email address and your own private password when prompted. If you've forgotten the password you previously chose when you first opened a Blogger or Google account you need to go down the Can't access your account? route at www.blogger.com.


4. Sign In 

Once you've got an account use the Sign In tab at the top right of the blog. If the Sign In tab doesn't work from within the club website you can access the blog directly via http://bhccblog.blogspot.co.uk/ where it should all work perfectly but is difficult to see being on a white background. However, highlight it and you're there.


5. Easy Access

If you're on your own computer or gadget you will stay signed in unless you deliberately sign out - even if you turn the thing off. Bookmark the blog page and then it's all easy from there. If you're on a public computer you will need to sign in each time you want to write to the blog. If it's shared, such as the one at the club, you may need to sign out of someone else's account first - see Sign Out on the blog - before you can sign in (and remember to sign yourself out when you're done).


6. Writing on the Blog

Once you're signed in you'll see New Post at the top right of the blog and this gets you to the blank writing box and everything else you need.


7. Using the Index

You will almost certainly find a label already exists for the subject you're writing about so please click on that/those rather than create another - see Labels to the right of the writing box. The labels form an index to the right of the blog.


8. That's it! 

You will remain a blog author for as long as you remain a member of the club.

Updated 6.9.18.


How to post on the blog

1. Join the Brighton and Hove Chess Club

Writing to the club blog is limited to current club members. The blog is embedded into the club website.


2. Author Invitation


If you'd like to be a blog author you need to ask Sue for an invitation. If your invitation has expired please ask for another. You need to supply the email address you use or intend to use for your Google account. (Blogger exists within Google).