Mid-Sussex Chess League 

We currently have four teams in the league: one in the first division, two in the second and one in the third.

The League now uses the English Chess Federation's League Management System where you can see teams, fixtures and results.

For the new time control and how to set the DGT 2010 clock see Setting clocks tab above.

For more on the League see the website.


Team captains needed

Brighton and Hove Chess Club has always been limited in the number of teams it has in the League, not by the number of potential players but by the availability of transport. If you can provide transport and would like to be a team captain, or would be willing to support someone else by being the team driver, please let Sue know. 

(It doesn't matter if you've never played in the League before or aren't a strong player - you'd start in the lowest division and help is available.)