Time Controls and Setting the

DGT 2010 Clock

Mid-Sussex Chess League

Divisions 1–3

All moves in 65 minutes plus a 30-second increment per move from move one. This is the only permissible time control. Use programme 18 (see instructions below and watch Michael’s video).

Internal Club Tournaments

Standard play tournaments: All moves in 1 hour and 30 minutes with a 30-second increment from move one (default). Use programme 17 which is pre-set, so once you have selected the programme number followed by ✓ you are ready to go. Alternatively, if both players agree, the time control can be 36 moves in 1 hour 30 minutes with all remaining moves in 30 minutes (Quick Play Finish, QPF). Use programme 5.


Rapidplay tournaments: All moves in at least 10 minutes and less than 60 minutes (i.e. up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds). The default time control is 30 minutes on each clock. Use programme 3. Incremental timing may be used - assume 60 moves. The main time period plus 60 x the increment must come to less than 60 minutes. Use programme 18.





Switch on (button underneath clock) - the last used programme number is displayed.


Set the programme number to 18 by pressing + or – repeatedly. Press ✓. Hours and minutes are displayed.


Set the main time period to 1 hour 05 minutes. The hours will be flashing on the left clock, so change to 1 (if not already displaying 1), ✓, change the first digit of the minutes to 0, ✓, change the second digit of the minutes to 5, ✓, seconds should be 00 (✓,✓). Set the right clock in the same way.


Once the main time period has been set the window for the incremental time period appears. Minutes and seconds are displayed. Set the minutes to 0 (✓) and the seconds to 30 on each clock, pressing ✓ to accept and advance through the minutes and seconds, and from the left to the right clock. Once the seconds have been set for the right clock, 1 hour and 05 minutes appears on the display - with nothing flashing - and play can begin.


PITFALL: The pitfall when setting incremental timings is to forget that 0 seconds have to be set for the main time period. Sometimes players mistakenly assume that the seconds of the main time period are the incremental time.


If you go wrong, switch off and switch on again, then start again.


Although not visible, 30 seconds have already been added to the 1 hour 05 minutes before play has started. This is because there is a 30-second increment per move and the time is added in advance. The players therefore have this on their clocks before the first move is made.


Each time the clock is pressed, 30 seconds are added to that player’s remaining time. This means that if you move faster than 30 seconds per move at the beginning, your time remaining will go above 1 hour 05 minutes. The 30-second increment enables you to write down every move, which you must do - even when there is less than 5 minutes remaining.


If programme 18 is displayed when you switch on, toggle through all the settings to make sure that they are correct.


Incremental times can be set on the older DGT 2000 clocks using programme 23 but it is a little trickier than with DGT 2010s, so use the latter.


If the low battery symbol appears, get a new clock.


AS 14.09.2019