Setting the DGT 2000


For league and club tournament games played using incremental time controls, refer to the Incremental and Other Time Controls page. The incremental time control is now the DEFAULT for tournament games.


For club tournament games played at 36 moves in 1 hour 30 minutes plus 30 minutes to finish, use programme 5 (‘1 Period + Guillotine’). SEE SETTING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. This rate of play can still be used if both players agree.


For league games played at 42 moves in 1 hour 30 minutes plus 7 moves every 15 minutes, use programme 9 (‘Repeat 2nd Period’) - the procedure for setting is the same as for programme 5 but the 15 minutes will keep repeating.

  • Switch on (button underneath clock) - the last used programme number is displayed.


  • Set the programme number by pressing +1 until 05 is displayed (if you overshoot you will have to go up to programme 32 and then one up from 32 will be 01 again - you can hold the +1 button down rather than having to press it repeatedly).


  • Press OK. The time display of the first time period will appear, with the number of hours for the left clock flashing.


  • Set the hours for the left clock to 1 by pressing +1 (going up through 9 if necessary), then OK to toggle on to the first digit of the minutes, then +1 to increase to 3, then OK, then check that the next digit is on 0 (for 30 minutes) or change if needed, then OK, and then OK, OK for the seconds, assuming they are already on 0.


  • Now the hours for the right clock will be flashing - set as above.


  • When you've completed this, the second time period has to be set. The hours will be flashing in the right window. Check that the hours are set on 0, then OK to toggle on to the minutes.


  • Set the minutes by pressing +1 to increase the first digit to 3, then OK to toggle on to the next digit, then OK if it's on 0 already or change if needed, then OK, OK for the seconds, assuming they are already on 0. The second time period only has to be set once.


  • The first time period (1:30) will now appear (not flashing). Make sure the rocker is up on the side of the white player and press Start/Stop to start this clock (pressing the button again pauses the clock).


  • When 0 minutes is reached on a clock after 1 hour 30 minutes of play the 'interim flag' appears as a minus sign and the second time period of 30 minutes is automatically added to both clocks.

  • The 'interim flag' (a minus sign) indicates that this player was the first to go to the next time period. Disappears after 5 minutes. The 'ultimate flag' (a flashing minus sign) indicates the player who has run out of time and the end of the game.

To set a single time period use programme 3.


For 5 minute chess use programme 1 (this is pre-set for 5 minutes and can't be altered).


If the low battery symbol appears, get another clock. Please remember to switch off after use.

AS 20.02.17.