Setting the Easy Gametimer +


With the Easy Gametimer you can only set one time period. If a second time period of 30 minutes is required, this has to be added manually. However, adding the second time period will lead to the loss of any remaining part-minute (seconds) on each clock - the seconds are not retained - so an error of rounding down to the nearest minute occurs. For this reason it is best not to use these clocks for league games.


1.      Press the ‘on/off’ button. The last used time setting will appear with both clock displays blinking.


2.      If the desired time is displayed, ensure that the rocker is up on the side of the white player and press the middle (‘start/pause’) button to start the game. Pressing the middle button again pauses the clock.


3.      If the desired time is not displayed when you switch on, the time for both players can be changed at the same time by pressing the + or – button until the desired time is displayed. Hold + or – down rather than pressing repeatedly. You can only set the seconds for times of less than 20 minutes. Press the middle button to start.


4.      If you want to add an additional 30 minute period, do this when the 36 moves have been played. Press the middle button to pause the clock, write down the times remaining for each player, and add the extra time as follows.


5.      Press <  - the time display on the left clock will be blinking.


6.      Press + to increase the time on this clock until the original plus 30 minutes is displayed.


7.      Press >, > to toggle through the display so that the right clock is blinking, then + to increase this time until the original time plus 30 minutes is displayed.


NB The outstanding seconds (part-minute) are the lost when the time is increased above 20 minutes - this would favour a player with x minutes 1 second remaining over a player with y minutes 59 seconds remaining.*


Check that the rocker is up on the side of the player to move and press the middle button to start.


8.      If the low battery symbol appears, get another clock.


9.      Turning the clock on and off is a bit fiddly - turning on requires a brief touch; to turn off press and hold down the on/off button for 1 second (any longer turns the clock on again!).


When turning off please ensure that the displays have gone blank.



* Letting the time run out completely and then adding the 30 minutes doesn’t work. The flag with ‘+’ on it appears on reaching zero time and then the clock starts to count up. If you add more time now, the clock will continue to count up and not down. The only solution would be to turn the clocks off and reset both.