Rapidplays  2018-19


All moves in 30 minutes

There are two rapidplay tournaments this year - an open and an under 140. They are paper charts at the club and members may add their names to the chart and arrange their own games. As new members may join throughout the year - spaces permitting - it is not a requirement to play all your games, but please accept all challenges if you can.

All competitors need to have joined the ECF and will get a rapidplay grade after a minimum of five games.

The Rapidplays finish at the end of August 2019.

You may use a longer or shorter time control if you wish as long as it complies with the ECF definition of rapidplay as follows:


ECF Eligibilty for Grading as Rapidplay: Each player must have at least 10 minutes, and less than 60 minutes, for all moves. This includes both the initial time control and any subsequent time controls or quickplay finish. When Fischer (cumulative) mode is used, the time available for each player is calculated on the assumption that the duration of the game is 60 moves.

SEC  26.10.18.